New paths



New paths


I used to walk to and from the office every day, about 45 minutes each way. When we first went into lockdown I missed the exercise the most. Only being allowed out once a day felt restrictive. After a while I realised that the walks not only took me to and from work physically but also helped me to gather my thoughts and plan for work as well as wind down and relax. Now I take a walk in Cutteslowe Park every morning before work. I am finding that, just like during my commute before, I see the same people most days and we are starting to acknowledge each other with a nod, a smile and some comment on the weather. It is nice to see that some things remain the same in this strange, new normal existence.

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The lower field in Cutteslowe Park is showing signs of its current popularity - a well-trodden path around the perimeter.



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