Edward Simpson Jones



Edward Simpson Jones




Photograph of Edward Simon Jones, Royal Canadian Winnipeg Rifles


This is a photo of my Grandpa Edward Simon Jones (known as Ed). He was born in 1876. He and my Grandmother (Alma Bryan) were childhood sweethearts, but because her father considered them to be from different social classes they weren’t allowed to marry. To separate them my Grandmother was sent off on a cruise to Spain and my Grandpa then decided to go to America ‘to have adventures’ – he left Birkenhead, Cheshire (their hometown) in about 1902.

In 1917, Ed was working on a farm in Ames, Iowa, USA when he decided to join the army even though he was considered to be too old at 41 years of age. He joined the Canadian Army (the Winnipeg Rifles) and set sail for England. We don’t know where the ship docked but the regiment eventually arrived by train in Birkenhead – Ed had arrived back home! The troops were marched through the town and my Grandmother’s sister saw Ed and rushed home to tell her – it was all a remarkable coincidence.

Ed and Alma married on Christmas Eve 1917 shortly before he was shipped over to France. He returned back to England after a few months due to ill health. My grandparents had 3 children but only my father survived infancy – he was born in 1919.






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