Collection of WWI artefacts



Collection of WWI artefacts


WW1 artefacts


Trench art aeroplane
1910 Compass
Trench art lighter
Shell Casing art
Shell fuse
Kit bag D-ring
Button polisher, protector
Letter opener, souvenir


These items were brought in by Mr Brian Stuck. They are part of his personal collection and he does not know who they originally belonged to. The brass aeroplane is trench art. It depicts ‘Taube’, German WW1 aeroplane. The shell casing, ‘Souain, possibly battle location’, was owned through the family but Mr Stuck has no knowledge of its origin.
The letter opener is a post war souvenir, with a WW1 bullet casing.
The ‘D-ring’ comes from a kit bag.
The bayonet is Australian issue, dated 1914, with fitting for a Lee Enfield rifle.
The marching compass is in a leather pouch. It is dated 1910, Negretti and Zambar, London
The Button polish guard was found on North Hill, Minehead, Somerset. 4771, F. Hall and Sons
The binoculars are in a pouch. Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co. Rochester New York. Adjustable prismatic with broad arrow military marking.


1914 - 1918


Not sure


Mr Brian Struck

Collection Day

Williton Pavilion 6th April 2019

This item was submitted on June 14, 2019