Philip Streatfeild - Naval Captain



Philip Streatfeild - Naval Captain


Philip Streatfeild and HMS Triumph


The Reveille 5th Plymouth Troop Magazine
Silk HMS Triumph
Photo of 1st Withycombe Troop BP Scouts


Gary Hall is no relation to Philip Streatfeild. He had seen a magazine ‘The Reveille 5th Plymouth Troop” magazine on the internet and because of his connection with the Sea Scouts, bought it.
Philip Streatfeild was a Commissioner in the Sea Scouts and because he was due to become the Captain of the H M S Triumph, he resigned from the Sea Scouts. He was due to sail to the China Sea on H M S Triumph but became ill after a previous injury to his scalp and so did not sail. He went to hospital in Plymouth and he was unfit to command a ship being diagnosed with arterio sclerosis.
H M S Triumph went on to Gallipoli where it was later sunk by a U Boat. A lucky escape for Philip.
The magazine was brought in to be scanned/photographed along with a ‘Silk’ from H M S Triumph.
He died in 1960.


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Gary Christopher Hall

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