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HMS Jupiter


Bevil Geach


Russian Medal. Photo of HMS Jupiter in ice with repairs to Bow. Photo of Bevil Geach. Service Record of Bevil Geach


Bevil Geach was born in 1887 in Polperro, Cornwall. He joined the Navy on 30th May 1904, when WWI broke out he was a Petty Officer. He joined “Jupiter” on 2nd August 1914 a majestic-class battle ship. In October 1914 it was a Coastal Defence & Tyne Guard Ship. On 4th February 1915 “Jupiter” was told to proceed to Archangel town in North Russia as a supply ship had broken down carrying provisions for town. The crew were not told the destination as it was Top Secret. They had to sail through enemy lines with no convoy. On 6th February 1915 a hurricane caused much damage; 24 hours later the storm abated. On 12th February 1915 “Jupiter” got stuck in ice, the crew were told to wrap up warm, put 12lb shells in their pockets and run from side to side of the ship to free her. On 27th March 1915 they eventually found the Russian ship the “Thracia” and started to tow her, nearing Archangel the ice was too thick and water too shallow so they had to unload provisions by pulley system. This exercise was record breaking as it saved the people of the town’s lives. Their fuel & provisions were almost gone. “Jupiter” was a 20 year old battle ship not equipped for these conditions; the bow was constantly holed by ice. The crew was awarded a medal by Czar Nicholas; it had to get sanctioned by the King to be worn.


February 1915




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