James 'Jim' Clark Davis (photograph; card)



James 'Jim' Clark Davis (photograph; card)


James Clark Davis (1892-1966)


Wedding photograph of Jim and Isa Davis, 1918, and British Expeditionary Force new year card, 1919,


James Clark Davis (known as 'Jim') enlisted on 24 April 1915 on the eve of the launch of the Gallipoli campaign. The Royal Scots Fusiliers were the Ayrshire county regiment and Jim (from Maybole) joined the 2/5th battalion, later transferring to the 1/5th. Before joining up Jim had been in a shooting team so had some experience with firearms. His first posting would be to Gallipoli and he served eight months there before troops withdrew to Egypt after failing to take Constantinople. On 13 November 1917 Jim was injured in his left calf by a gun-shot, and was admitted to Kantara Field Hospital on 22. He was transferred to the General Hospital at Cairo on 29 and then to Polygon Convalescent home.

It is likely that he was wounded during the Battle of Mughar Ridge. The 52nd (Lowland) Division, which included 1/5th Royal Scots Fusiliers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J B Cook, led the assault on the village of Mughar. From Jim’s battalion there were 20 casualties and 66 wounded. In March 1918 James he was transferred to the Royal Scots (classified as ‘A2’ so unfit for front-line service) where he served in the Labour Corp until the end of the war. James was posted to the Western Front, where the Germans had launched the Spring Offensive, but was able to return back to Scotland to marry Isabella (‘Isa’) McClymont on 1 July 1918. Jim was discharged from the army in March 1919.




Gallipoli, Mughar Ridge (Palestine)


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