George, Alfred, and James Coote (letters; photographs)



George, Alfred, and James Coote (letters; photographs)


George, Alfred, and James Coote


Letters from the three brothers and their sister; letters from nurses and commanding officers; photographs.


These are letters to, from or about the three Coote brothers, George, Alfred, and James, who came from Essex. Some of the letters were written to their sister Louisa when the brother writing was on the Front Line or during training. There is a picture of Louisa and her father and three children from France. When Alfred got injured, he didn’t know where he was, but recuperated in the No. 3 Canadian General Hospital (McGill). Whilst Alfred was a patient in 1916, the hospital was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, who is famous for writing the poem 'In Flanders Fields'. Louisa was a servant in a house in London owned by a Ms Clifton.


1916; 1918


Various locations on the Western Front, especially the No.3 Canadian General Hospital (McGill) in Boulogne-Sur-Mer


Geoffrey Meen

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