David Dixon - Garlick paternal relative 1



David Dixon - Garlick paternal relative 1


David Dixon


2 x boxing photos; 1 x death scroll; 1 x death penny


Contributor talks about the photographs – grandfathers’ brother – died about 20 days before the end of World War 1; 24th October 1918. On the memorial but not got a headstone because his body was never found. Don’t really know much about him.

Interviewer refers to the photograph – so this is him when he was a boxer. Another picture of him with rest of team – likelihood from the same regiment. Regimental boxing team. Nothing written on the back. Photograph taken in Bradford.

Contributor's husband confirmed that he was from Bradford. Joined West Yorkshire regiments. Reads from service record (242) Prince of Wales own west Yorkshire Regiment, 8th Battalion Leeds Rifles, 62nd (2nd) West Riding Division.

Contributor: "My cousin still lives in Leeds, Bradford and has done a whole family research and is probably doing something like this, she is very involved."

Then moved on to his death certificate and death penny. Discussed the medals in the frame alongside the photo. Contributor's husband advised that there were two missing, had no idea where they had gone to.

Interviewer picked up the death penny and expressed how heavy it was. Gillian said that her grandfather mounted it, usually you only have the penny. Gillian said that the family would have had a letter with it as well. Felt it was thrown away.






Gillian Garlick

Collection Day

South West Roadshow, Plymouth

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