James Lee - Garlick maternal relative



James Lee - Garlick maternal relative


James Lee


Dog tags James Lee, 2x wedding photos, 1x portrait, 1x photo of medical carriage, 2x telegrams and wedding announcement, 6x cards and letters from James and Ivy Lee, cap badge and shoulder title.


Contributor: Grandfather was called James Lee. Gets a little confusing because there was more than one James Lee. Some of the war he got exempted from because they were nursery men but he was in the Army Service Corps. Grew fruit and vegetables, so as far as the war was concerned that was an important job. No service records for him. Know he went out to France. Shared a photocopy taken by Dad. Written by grandfather, James Lee, known as Jim, to Ivy, married at that time. Shared the wedding photos.

"Darling, will give Mother one and keep the other when I come home, will tell you what it is. Alls well Love Jim."

Contributor: So he obviously did make it to the Front and back again. Got married – looked at back of photograph – photographer-based Courtenay Street, Plymouth.

When they got married, they obviously had photos to give away. Have the original photo on the wall in their house. Discussed the photo – couple are stood on a carpet on top of gravel.

Elburton family. Contributor's mum, right hand side coming out of Elburton , Mum born in cottages on the right hand side 1922.

Looked at cards sent for the wedding.
Looked at the dog tags. Made of resin. Probably why they survived.
Looked at two telegrams – February 1918 – comeback to get married.
Found Wedding announcement – by special licence at Mamhead – February 18th James Lee AFC, BEF (British Expeditionary Force), to Ivy S Underhay of Mamhead, youngest daughter of Frederick Underhay of Ashcombe. GG said first time she had seen the telegrams and wedding announcement.






Gillian Garlick

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South West Roadshow, Plymouth

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