Joseph Laurie Nelson - Memorial Book



Joseph Laurie Nelson - Memorial Book


Joseph Laurie Nelson - uncle to contributor


o Memorial Book including
o Letters from officers and all sorts of people in the book.
o Letter from King George.
o Photos of uncle and some of his friends in the regiment.
o Letter from the man who had shot his uncle. Grandmother had written to him and put his reply in the memorial book.
o Newspaper cutting from the Manchester Herald. Discussed the effort the newspaper had made in the article to make them more than just a number. Buying something of such quality like the memorial book during those times would have been quite expensive.
• War Medals


Mr Nelson shared the bound memorial book. Name of soldier is Joseph Laurie Nelson (Uncle). Comes from Manchester, was in the Manchester Regiment, 2nd Lt. Killed on the Somme in 1916. Two days before having been recommended for the MC for a raid on something. Some letters from him to his parents from France.

Asked who made the book:
"My grandparents presumably. He was shot by his batman cleaning a rifle. And there is a letter from the batman in the book, so presumably my grandmother had written to him and had received a reply which is in the book. Was unclear whether this was something that would be of interest for the project."






Michael Nelson

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South West Roadshow, Plymouth

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