Arthur Reffell - Postcards from Zeebrugge



Arthur Reffell - Postcards from Zeebrugge


Arthur Reffell - contributor's grandfather


Arthur Edward Reffell returned from WW1 with a book of postcards with scenes of Zeebrugge titled Attack Plan Report 1918. Le Mole is the town in Belgium where the pictures on the postcards were taken.


Arthur Edward Reffell was working on the railway before WW1 and served in the Somme in The Royal Engineers, he joined as a box boy, which was exactly the same job he had in UK working in the signal boxes on the railways.

He returned from WW1 physically unscarred but mentally traumatised. Arthur never claimed his medals, and never spoke about his experiences.

In the 1930’s he tried to apply for his medals but by then was too late.
He was demobbed at the Railway Centre at Longmoore, Hampshire.

His service records were destroyed in the fires WW2.


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