War Service and Hospital Treatment



War Service and Hospital Treatment


Archie Philip Ellis


Photos, hospital treatment ard, discharge certificate, pay book, Great War medal, Book of Defeat of Austria, Woman's Own cutting pre-war


Archie Philip Ellis was treated in Salisbury Road Hospital. Plymouth in 1919. He is in a group photo taken whilst in hospital. Archie’s treatment card shows details of his time in hospital.

Archie served in the Devon Royal Garrison Artillery, in Italy he enlisted in Plymouth on 30th November 1915 and discharged on 27th March 1919 his service number was 330097.

His Pay Book records shows the rates of pay, plus payments paid “In the field” starting 12th January 1918, the last payment being made on 16th January 1919.

His Great War medal has the incorrect ribbon attached to it.
The Book Defeat of Austria was given to Archie Philip Ellis by a relative who also served in Italy, with an inscription in the front.

Crochet pattern from Womans Own dated June 7th 1913




Served in Italy. Also features Plymouth


Mary Ellis - daughter in law

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