L. H. Gray



L. H. Gray


L. H. Gray


2 x Shell Cases with inscriptions (Ticket 7)

1 x Knife with inscription from 1918 (Ticket 9)

1 x Ashtray with German Belt Buckle in centre (Ticket 10)

1 x souvenir helmet inkwell from a post war visit to Ypres (Ticket 12)

1 x Matchbox with inscription on back by L. H. Gray (Ticket 13)

1 x Boer War Hankerchief (Ticket 14)

1 x single goggle lens found by Andy Gray (grandson) at Aubigny en Artois

British War Medal and Victory Medal with box belonging to L. H. Gray.


L. H. Gray was born in 1895 and enlisted in 1916.
He fought on the Western Front at Neuve Chappelle and Rouen.
He worked with German P. O. W's where some of the trench art was created.

After the war he worked for the Gas Company in London, he died in the 1950's.

After the War - L. H. Gray wrote a diary - it was both a historical and historical account.




Rouen and Neuve Chappelle.


Andy Gray (Grandson)

Collection Day

4th May 2019, Dorking Museum

This item was submitted on May 31, 2019