Saved by a stammer - Father, a half-uncle and two great uncles



Saved by a stammer - Father, a half-uncle and two great uncles


Albert Edward 'Ted' Wheeler, George William 'Will' Headlong, Albert Wheeler, Herbert Wheeler


Medals of service, correspondence, Common Prayer Book


Marilyn had four relatives in the First World War; two were killed and two survived
Marilyn’s father: Albert Edward ‘Ted’ Wheeler, from Berkshire, survived the war. He was originally called from the reserves, but was sent away because of his stammer, age 27. It is likely that the stammer saved his life, as his regiment was sent to the Somme. He was eventually put on guard duty.
28740 1st (G.) Balt. Worcester Regiment
Half-Uncle: George William ‘Will’ Headlong, died at the Battle of Cambrai, and is listed on the Cambrai Memorial. His body was never found
Marilyn’s Great Uncles (Father’s Uncles): Albert Wheeler, killed at Flanders Field, listed on Le Touret memorial. His body was never found. Herbert Wheeler, survived the war. They served in the 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment and had served in India prior to the war.


9th December 1915


Somme, Cambrai, Le Touret, India


Marilyn Jones

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