Sergeant Thomas Adam Bowmaker



Sergeant Thomas Adam Bowmaker


Thomas Adam Bowmaker


Thomas Adam Bowmaker’s collection includes regimental photographs of the 1st Northumberland Hussars, as well as the Sergeant with his warhorse. One of the pictures shows the regiment at their camp in Otley.

There is also a postcard from King George and the Queen consort offering best wishes for Christmas 1914, and a handwritten letter from Colonel Cookson’s wife to Sergeant Bowmaker’s wife offering support and telling her ‘we are all anxious together.’

Among other items are Christmas cards, an invitation to the Sunderland annual ball, dance cards and a field message book.

These objects have been passed down through the family, although Thomas Adam Bowmaker rarely talked about his time during the war.


Thomas Adam Bowmaker was a sergeant with the 1st Northumberland Hussars during the war, serving as a horseman despite being quite short in stature.

He survived four years of action, and returned home to work as a printer in Sunderland.


1914 – 1918.


Sunderland; Otley, Yorkshire.


Esme Clark; great niece of Thomas Adam Bowmaker.

Collection Day

10/04/2019, Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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