The Geddes Family



The Geddes Family


Thomas Geddes and Mary Mortimer Geddes


Two photographs are included. The first shows Sergeant Thomas Geddes with family on his last leave, while the other is of Nurse Mary Geddes.

Also included are the boxed medals of Thomas Geddes, and the letter received by his family when they arrived seven years after his death.


Sergeant Thomas Geddes was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915 although his body was never found. Seven years after his death, in 1922, a letter and medals he should have received for his service were sent to his family – the medals were named after the cartoon characters, Pip, Squeak and Wilfred. His name is included on a memorial at Whitehill School in Glasgow among a list of former pupils that fell during the war.

Sister Mary was a war nurse with the 75th British Expeditionary Force, who spent time in France and Germany before returning to Scotland. She never married, and was said to be scarred by the horrific sights of many war wounds.


1915 & 1922.


The Battle of Loos.


Ian Gordon McCracken; great nephew of Thomas Geddes and Mary Geddes.

Collection Day

10/04/2019, Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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