The Syme Brothers



The Syme Brothers


Peter Turpie Syme and James Turpie Syme


Included in this collection are a photograph of the brothers, pictured with other Railwaymen, documents relating to their deaths, a book of remembrance for Railwaymen lost during the war, and an invitation to the commemorative event at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.


The Syme Brothers, Peter and James, worked as ticket collectors at Glasgow Central railway station prior to the outbreak of war.

They joined the Cameron Highlanders, but were both killed in action. Sergeant Peter Turpie Syme was killed at Arras on March 16th, 1917, at the age of 28, while Corporal James Turpie Syme lost his life on March 28th, 1918, aged 24. Both are memorialised at Arras in France.

A memorial service for the Railwaymen lost during the war was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London in May 1919, and families were given a commemorative book of remembrance and invited to attend.


1914 – 1918.


Glasgow; Arras; St Paul’s Cathedral, London.


William Young; great nephew to one of the Syme Brothers.

Collection Day

10/04/2019, Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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