The Diary of John Buchanan Shearer



The Diary of John Buchanan Shearer


John Buchanan Shearer


John Buchanan Shearer’s diary was brought in by his granddaughters, Anne and Fiona, and details his time at sea on board the St Margaret of Scotland as a Red Cross volunteer.

Although John was an Orderly, he appears to have helped with operations on the ship’s theatre. The diary records incidents, patient treatments, events and places he visited. The ship continued until at least July 1919.

A family photograph, believed to have been taken in approximately 1912, shows John Buchanan Shearer, his wife Susannah (known as Annie), daughter Nana, and son James.


John Buchanan Shearer was a Red Cross volunteer during the war.

He was aboard the hospital ship St Margaret of Scotland, which was financed by money raised by public subscription in Scotland - all of the crew were Scottish. The ship sailed between Malta and Turkey, picking up casualties and ferrying them back to hospital in Malta.


The diary dates approximately 1916 - 1919. The photograph dates approximately 1912.


Malta; Pompei; Salonica; Dardanelles.


Anne O’Hagan and Fiona; granddaughters of John Buchanan Shearer.

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10/04/2019, Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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