The Story of Ewan MacKinnon



The Story of Ewan MacKinnon


Ewan MacKinnon


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Ewan MacKinnon was born on the Isle of Skye, and signed up with the Cameron Highlanders against his family’s wishes.

He celebrated either his 16th or 17th birthday while serving during the Dardanelles Campaign. He contracted influenza and was evacuated to London. He is commemorated on the Dunvegan War Memorial on the Isle of Skye, but there was no known grave.

His niece was keen to discover more, and a genealogist was able to trace him despite spelling errors in both his given name and surname at various points. It was discovered that he died of pneumonia in 1920, and is buried in Lewisham, London. His age at the time of death is recorded as 22, but it is believed he may have been younger.


1914 - 1920


Isle of Skye, Scotland; The Dardanelles Campaign; Lewisham, London, England.


Katherine Grant - Ewan MacKinnon was the cousin of her mother.

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10/04/2019, Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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