Nurse Thomson



Nurse Thomson


Mary Thomson


A series of postcards with photographs of Mary Thomson on the front. The reference to Polly on the back of the postcards is believed to have been a nickname.

Other postcards include James Horsburgh Ronald, who Mary Thomson would later marry, and Jamie Morgan.

The drawing of Nurse Thomson is by A.G. Hogg, a sailor who was a patient at Granton Hospital. It includes an inscribed poem of gratitude and a Christmas note on the back.


Born in 1889, Mary Thomson was a telephonist who volunteered as a nurse during the war. She was married to James Ronald in 1920.

The collection of photographs, postcards and a drawing provided was handed down through the family.


The drawing is dated 1914. The Christmas card is dated 1916. The postcards are dated 1917.


The drawing was undertaken in Granton Hospital, Edinburgh; Some postcards reference Ypres.


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