James Alexander McLennan from Banchory, Scotland



James Alexander McLennan from Banchory, Scotland


James Alexander McLennan. Sgt. 90 Winnipeg Rifles Canadian Force. R.A.M.C.


1. Photograph of James Alexander McLennan in uniform with reference to 90 Winnipeg Rifles Canadian Force on back. 1 image.
2. Soldier’s Service Pay Book for Alexander McLennan. 3 images.


James Alexander McLennan was my great uncle. He was born on 30/10/1891 at Banchory Ternan, Kincardineshire, Scotland, the son of William McLennan and Mary Black McLennan née McGillivray. They lived at Rosebank Cottage, Banchory Ternan.

I have a photograph of James Alexander McLennan. On the back of the photograph it says he is a private in the 90 Winnipeg Rifles Canadian Force. His Attestation Paper for the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force is dated September 21 1914. It says his trade is Electrician and that he previously served for 1 yr in the 77th Regt.

I have his Soldier’s Service Pay Book. This indicates that his trade is chemist and that he enlisted on 04/11/1915. It is dated 4/7/19 at Antwerp. Under Unit and Corps to which Soldier actually belongs it says with date 4/7/19 R.A.M.C. Number 6 Stationary Hospital with service number 81233. With date -/11/19 it says 140 field ambulance.

His brothers Sidney Charles, William and Douglas George also served in the war. William died but the others survived.


21/09/1914. 04/11/1915.


Banchory Ternan, Kincardineshire, Scotland. Canada. Antwerp, Belgium.


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