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Catherine Daniell


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My paternal grandma was Catherine Daniell who had seven sons. Her husband John worked in Fry’s Chocolate factory. He had a free weekly allowance of chocolate from which we benefited as children. Her eldest two sons (not sure of names) were conscientious objectors during the First World War. Because of this they were put in prison. Catherine was sometimes seen crying on her way to the prison as she took food for them. Another son Edward (Ted) was in the Cavalry, caring for horses. He kept a hoof from each horse that died in order to account for them. The other sons were Arthur, Jack, Cyril, Leonard, Wilfred (my father born 1908) and one other, Harold. All had jobs. A daughter died at the age of two, which was a sad regret. They lived in the tall terrace along Bath Road, Bristol. All seven sons survived the First World War and went on to be conscientious objectors in the Second World War.


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