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Sidney John Vincent Dowling




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My grandfather’s name was Sidney John Vincent Dowling. He lived on the Somerset side of Bristol in Elmdale Road, Bedminster. He worked for the Post Office, sorting the mail. During the First World War he was called up and recruited as a soldier (Private) to fight in France. His wife, my grandmother (Gertrude) Kate (nee Weaver) did his job while he was away, as well as running the home and family of four children. Sidney, then Gertrude, then Ernest then Kathleen Maud (my mother). Kathleen was 3 years old at the outbreak of war in 1914 and probably missed her mother when she needed her most. A cleaner, Mrs Cornish, looked after her. Grandpa smoked a pipe and had a moustache. He hated the terrible conditions in the trenches and when he was shot in the foot he was only too pleased to come home! They then had another daughter, Olive. The name symbolised ‘Peace’ (i.e., the olive branch of peace). They are buried at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Sunshine Corner.




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