The Dental Staff at Catterick Camp Military Hospital



The Dental Staff at Catterick Camp Military Hospital


The dental staff at Catterick Camp Military Hospital during 1918-1919


13 photos and one newspaper cutting.


Most of the people shown in this batch of photos were members of the dental staff at Catterick Camp Military Hospital during the period February 1918 to February 1919. The photos belonged to my grandmother Batchie Griffiths (VAD General Services clerk, not herself a member of the dental staff) and the names are as given in the captions in her photo album. Some of them can be identified with certainty: Lt Edward (Teddy) Alfred Penney Parker and his future wife Phyllis Margaret Gwendoline Jenkins, and Capt. John Marshall Henry Scott. Theo was probably Theodora Gray, a Red Cross nurse who worked in France 26.10.15 - 26.11.17 and at Catterick Camp 9.2.18 -18.9.18. "Babs" (identified by his autograph as H. F. Powell) might be Hugh Falkenberg Powell but this is not confirmed. Tibbetts, Crawford, Pat, Mae and G cannot be identified with any certainty.

1. Standing (left to right): unnamed, Crawford, Lt. Tibbets, Theo, Babs (H. F. Powell), Lt. Parker. Front row (sitting, left to right): "G", Capt. Scott, Phyllis Jenkins.
2. Group photo (left to right): Babs, Theo, Scott, Tibbets, Crawford, Phyllis, Teddy, G.
3. Phyllis, Capt. Scott, G. (This photo can be dated to August 1918 by the calendar on the back wall).
4. Theo.
5. G.
6. Capt. Scott, Maclaren (apparently a patient), Lt. Parker
7. (Left to right): Pat, Lt. Parker, Phyllis, Mae, Babs
8. (Left to right): Lt. Parker, Phyllis, Capt. Scott, Mae, Babs.
9. Lt. Parker
10, 11, 12. Babs
13. Babs and Batchie Griffiths in the dental surgery.
14. Excerpt from the obituary of Capt. Scott from The Berwickshire News of 1 April 1919.




Catterick Camp Military Hospital


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