Allie Gray Kevern, who tended injured soldiers in Devon and Cornwall



Allie Gray Kevern, who tended injured soldiers in Devon and Cornwall


Allie Gray Kevern, the contributor's grandmother.


1. Extracts from the autograph book that Allie Gray Kevern kept and which her patients signed with their own stories and gratitude for her work. 23 images.


Allie Gray Kevern (1892–1991) was my grandmother. She helped soldiers returning from the war by working in various camps. She kept an autograph book which has in it autographs and stories of people she helped recover from their injuries. Some pages include little drawings, cartoons and poems. Even though she had no medical background she still helped rehabilitate them and give them love and care much like community work.

The soldiers whose entries have been extracted are:
6314 Cpl. F. Potts, 1st Somerset Light Infantry.
Pte T Pursey, 1 Somerset L I.
9577 Lance Cpl. E. Higgins, 3rd Somerset L. I.
4244 Cpl R. Grice, 3rd East Lancs Regt.
Pte Frayne. R. E. 19th Alberta Dragoons, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Freddy Knight, 1st Somerset Light Infantry.
R. Forshaw, Pte., 1st East Lanc Regt.
Pte Arthur Harris Jepson, 3rd East Lancs.
8918 Pte R Taylor, The Kings Own Regt.
9619 Pte F. March, 1st Somerset L. I.
L/cpl Croft, 1st Battalion Devon Regt.
F Bailey Sergt, 3rd E Lan Rgt.
S. Douglas Sheppard, 2nd Batt. S. L. I.
17483 Pte M M Nullp Clacy [name not clear], 3 East Lancs Regt.
R T Cuthbert, R A E.
W. H. Rookley, Sapper, R.E.
C Harris II Corpl R E 1/1 E. L. Coy.

There is one entry by Joyce.


March 1915 to October 1916.


Places: Devon and Cornwall, England.


Andrew Newton

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