Frederick Thursby (certificates; photographs; newspaper cuttings)



Frederick Thursby (certificates; photographs; newspaper cuttings)


Frederick Thursby


Midshipman and Lieutenant promotion certificates; photographs of Frederick Thursby; extract from the 'Telegraph', reporting his gallantry; War ribbons and key.


This is about the contributor’s father, Frederick Thursby, who served in the Royal Navy. Frederick Thursby was a commander and navigator who blew up mines. Included here is a picture of Frederick aged 24 in the Russian Baltic and another of him in his uniform in Gosport. In 1919, he jumped overboard, saving the crew, for which he was promoted to Lieutenant when he was originally a Midshipman. Unfortunately, however, his medal was stolen.

He used to board the ships in Plymouth and, every time he set sail, his wife would go to the top of the hill and wave her handkerchief until the ship had gone. Her name was Winifred Emma Southerton and she lived in Henley House which, because of its size, was used as a hospital.




The North and Baltic Seas; Gosport; Plymouth.


Jane Ashley-Carter

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