A Gordon Highlander in the Battle of Jutland



A Gordon Highlander in the Battle of Jutland


Lewis Mathieson. Lance Corporal, 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders. Stoker, Royal Navy.


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Lewis Mathieson was my great uncle. He was the youngest of four brothers, the eldest brother being my grandfather, James Mathieson. Lewis followed his three brothers into the Gordon Highlanders, enlisting on 17th August 1903. He served in India and was discharged into the reserve on 6th January 1912. Please see the biography of Lewis that I have written for the story of Lewis in the First World War, his desertion from the army, his subsequent enrolment into the Royal Navy Reserve and his participation in the Battle of Jutland. The story is briefly summarised below.

On the outbreak of the First World War Lewis was mobilised into the 1st Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders and by Sunday 23rd August the Gordons were in position south-west of Mons. In 1915 Lewis was invalided home with frostbite in both feet. He was successfully treated. He reported fit for duty but then decided he would soldier no more and deserted. However, on 30th July 1915 Lewis joined the Royal Navy Reserve using the alias, Alexander Wood, and taking the rating of Stoker. After training he joined HMS Malaya on 28th January 1916. He took part in the Battle of Jutland and received good assessments, Superior for ability and Very Good for conduct.

Lewis Mathieson was awarded the 1914 Star with clasp, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal in spite of being a deserter, the latter two awards being authorised by the Admiralty in respect of service of Wood A.


04/08/1914. 23/08/1914. 30/07/1915. 28/01/1916. 30/05/1916. 29/03/1919.


Aberdeen, Scotland. Mons, Belgium. Battle of Jutland.


John Mathieson

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