William Alexander Robertson, Royal Naval Air Service



William Alexander Robertson, Royal Naval Air Service


William (Willie) Alexander Robertson. Petty Officer, Royal Naval Air Service.


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William (Willie) Alexander Robertson was an uncle. He was son of George Robertson and Jessie Robertson (née Carnie). He was born on 10/04/1879 at Midmill, Kintore, Scotland. He was a ploughman and then a marine engineer with Thorneycroft, London, working on power boats. He took a Thorneycroft boat to Honduras and stayed there. He worked in locating mahogany for logging and timber extraction. His brothers, James Charles Robertson and John Cameron Robertson, and cousins William James Carnie and John Carnie all served in the armed services in the First World War.

William Alexander Robertson returned from Honduras to enlist in the First World War. He served in the Royal Naval Air Service with rank up to Petty Officer.

In 1919 he returned to Honduras. In 1940 he brought a party of Honduran lumberjacks to cut timber in Scotland. In 1945 he returned to Honduras. On 29/03/1954 he died of stab wounds at Belize City, British Honduras, after being attacked by a former employee.

His decorations have not been located.




Kintore, Scotland. Honduras.


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