John Carnie, who served in Cyprus, Egypt and the Middle East



John Carnie, who served in Cyprus, Egypt and the Middle East


John Carnie. Sergeant (Armourer), Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force.


1. Biography of John Carnie with photograph of him along with information about 144 Squadron. 5 images.
2. Chart showing the connections between the Leslie/Robertson/Carnie families and military service. 1 image.
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John Carnie was an uncle. He was son of William Alexander Carnie and Mary Carnie (née Wilson). He was born in 1897 at Broomhill, Kintore, Scotland. In 1914 he was an apprentice engineer with William Mackinnon, Spring Garden, Aberdeen. His brother, William James Carnie, and cousins William Alexander Robertson, James Charles Robertson and John Cameron Robertson all served in the armed services in the First World War.

John Carnie enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps and had service number 163342. He served in Cyprus, Egypt and the Middle East. He was with 144 Squadron after it was formed at Port Said on 20/03/1918. His rank was up to Sergeant and trade Armourer. After the war he returned to William Mackinnon and rose to be works manager, before leaving to develop and manufacture his own inventions.


1914-1918 (20/03/1918)


Cyprus. Egypt. The Middle East.


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