William Reid of Banchory Devenick and Alford, Scotland



William Reid of Banchory Devenick and Alford, Scotland


William Reid. 274 (MT) APC.


1. Panoramic photograph of 274 Company group at Plumstead, July 1918. 1 image.
2. Photograph of Margaret (née Massie) and William Reid with children Willie and Margaret taken 1921-2, at Alford Haughton Woods(?). With caption. 2 images.
3. Photograph of Margaret (Massie) and William Reid with Willie, Margaret and Rosie (Rosabella) and dog c. 1927. With caption. 2 images.


William Reid was my grandfather. He married Margaret Massie in 1915 when he was aged 31. He was an apprentice mason at Banchory Devenick, Kincardineshire, Scotland. A son was born in July 1916. It is assumed that William was conscripted in early 1916. I have a panoramic photograph of 274 Company at Plumstead taken in July 1918. William and Margaret had three children: Willie, Margaret and Rosabella (Rosie). I have two family photographs taken post war. The family lived in Alford post-war. William was a cycle engineer and sold records; he had his own business. It is thought he might have been shell-shocked. William died in 1932 of hypertension and haemorrhage.




Plumstead, Woolwich, England. Banchory Devenick, Kincardineshire, Scotland. Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Janet Byth

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27/02/2019, Gordon Highlanders Museum, Aberdeen.

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