Russell William 'Billy' Sturman



Russell William 'Billy' Sturman


Russell William 'Billy' Sturman, the contributor's grandfather.


Billy's Index Card.

Billy's medals - being a member of Loddon Royal British Legion, the contributor goes to different events and so has the chance to wear their Grandad's Medals (especially in 2018 with the Great Pilgrimage in Ypres).

Photographs of Billy (one of his unit which Billy sent to himself from the front).
- Framed photo of Billy as a groomsman was enlarged, framed and given to the contributor and her three brothers.

A selection of postcards that were amongst Billy's photos.

A copy of Joshua’s Index Card. Joshua was the other brother that came home but later succumbed to his wounds, passing away several years after the war.


Four brothers went out to France and only two returned, one being my Grandad, William Russell (known as Billy).

Grandad Billy worked for Mr Harmer, who owned a clothing factory in Norwich, as a groomsman due to his time in the field artillery working with horses. Billy looked after several of Mr Harmer’s racehorses at Eccles Hall. After this Grandad and Nan (Gladys nee Drake from Seething) moved to Reepham and Billy worked at The Ollands in Reepham as a gardener. He then worked for Mr Lutyens of Booton Manor in Norfolk.

All four brothers were amongst the seventeen children of Arthur and Christianna Sturman of Brooke.






Christine Hartley, Billy's granddaughter.

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Ashleigh Primary School. 23th March 2019

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