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Roy Buckley


Roy Buckley


Empire Day Certificate 1915.


Empire Day Certificate 1915. From the Overseas Club, given to Roy Buckley.

There are 6 countries written on the certificate; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India and Newfoundland; There is also a quotation on the certificate taken from a poem by William Wordsworth.

The text reads as follows:
Overseas Club, Patron his Majesty the King
General Buildings, Aldwych, London W.C.
Empire Day 1915

This is to certify that Roy Buckley has helped to send some Comfort and happiness to the brave Sailors and Soldiers of the British Empire, fighting to uphold Liberty, justice, honour and freedom in the Great War.

The underlying motive of the “Overseas Club” is to promote the unity of British subjects the world over. Its chief objectives are:
(1) To help one another.
(2) To render individual service to our Empire.
(3) To draw together in the bond of comradeship British people the world over.
(4) To maintain our Empire’s supremacy upon the Seas.

The land we from our fathers had in trust.
And to our children will transmit or die:
This is our maxim, this is our piety;
And God and Nature say that it is just.”






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