John Archibald Phillips



John Archibald Phillips


My father-in-law


John Phillips in 1914
John Phillips with a group of soldiers
Sergeant John Phillips
Page from a photo album showing John as 2nd Lieutenant
Details of John in his personal soldiers book
John’s short form of will
Pass to visit Arras
French Money
French document
Commission certificate dated 30th January 1918
Given to John when he was commissioned
John’s war medals
Framed souvenir of the Great War presented to John


John Phillips was born on 12th May 1897. He enlisted in the army on 4th September 1914 stating he was 19 years of age – in reality he was just 17 years of age. He served with the 8th Battalion Rifle Brigade rising to the rank of sergeant in the telephone section before being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers on 30th January 1918. He was discharged from the army in 1919.




England and overseas


Trevor and Carol Phillips

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