Pte Clement Harry Sheppard



Pte Clement Harry Sheppard


My maternal grandfather


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Clement Harry Sheppard was born c. 1895 at Rock near Bewdley, North Worcestershire. He possibly lived at Gloucester when an adult as he met his future wife there when she worked at the “England Glory” Match Factory in the city.

Clement enlisted in the army serving first as a driver in the Army Service Corps before being transferred as a Private to the Yorkshire Regiment. He was posted overseas, arriving in France on 9th July 1915. He was captured by the enemy, tattooed as a prisoner of war on his wrist and set to work in a salt mine.

Prior to the war and following his release and army discharge, Clement was employed as a farm worker, moving around from farm to farm as work became available. In later life he gave up farm work and worked alongside his son-in-law in a factory in Worcester which produced windshields.




Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and France


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