Alfred John Gegg



Alfred John Gegg


The contributor's paternal grandfather


Article about Alfred’s death on same day as his son, in the same house.

Group photo of employee for Eastman’s butchers, Leamington Spa – Alfred stands far right.

Memorial photo of the Geggs from Shrawley in uniform, they must be related to the great grandfather.

Alfred’s wedding photo on camera.

One photo from Haynes “Old Worcester” book on page 126 - Alfred is on the top row 7th from left.


A very poignant story about Alfred J. Gegg. Alfred died of pneumonia at 77 Stanley Road, Worcester on 2 November 1916, at the same time his wife was giving birth to Sandy’s father in the next room.

Alfred was a driver, Royal Engineers. He joined the Worcestershires in June 1916, died November 1916. He served in the UK only. It’s not known that he had any pre-war military service. Family have never seen a silver war badge, so died before discharge. Alfred’s family was awarded a Dead Man’s Penny. This is still in the family. Sandy’s son chrome-plated it as part of a metalworking course.

Alfred worked for his father in Worcester, a butcher, but left after a falling out with his father. He used to deliver on a horse. When he delivered to Perdiswell House, Worcester he rode his horse on the grass beside the drive and was reported by the customer. Alfred’s father told him “do it again and I’ll horse whip you!” He did it again, and got horse whipped.




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