John William Jenkins



John William Jenkins


John William Jenkins, the contributor's husband's uncle


Postcards sent to mother and sister
Photograph of Jack in uniform
Photograph of pyramids x 2
Photograph of Skeleton
Objects acquired after John’s death in Worcester


John William Jenkins, known as Jack, was born in Worcester on 30th August 1898. The family lived over Olivers Shoe Shop in the High Street (no longer in existence but next to what is now Boots). The family later lived at Mayfield Lodge, Rainbow Hill, Worcester and 6 St Wulstans Crescent, Worcester.

On 14th February 1917 at the age of 19 he joined the 1st/5th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry serving as a Private. He was posted to Egypt, serving in the desert where he was involved in the capture of a large number of Arabs. He returned to Alexandria with the Prisoners of War where he was promoted to Sergeant of Alien Internment Camp.

During his service he was sent on several courses which enabled him to increase his education. After being demobbed on 4th November 1919 he took employment as a Railway Clerk. John died on 10th March 1969 aged 71 years.


4 February 1917–4 November 1919


Worcester, Cairo, Alexandria, Malta, Palestine


Barbara Jenkins

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