Well Lass, I am thinking of you every hour



Well Lass, I am thinking of you every hour


Albert Major Clark


Photos including band of 20th West Yorkshire Regiment, family photos, embroidered cards and postcards from Albert to family members including lots to his wife, Christmas cards, certificate of merit, medals.


Albert Major Clark (b.1890 and unmarried at the start of the war) of the West Yorkshire Regiment served in France during WW1. He was awarded a certificate of merit for volunteering to go on a raiding party on 29/30th June 1916.

The accompanying artefacts include lots of loving letters sent from Albert to his wife. One photo was taken at Ripon Camp and on in Bradford (Manningham) demonstrating his wound stripe (acquired on the Somme). There is a photo of Edith Whittaker Hutchinson – Albert’s wife. Albert was an overlocker at Cawthras mill. He and his friends joined together to join the Bradford Pals as it seemed like a good idea at the time. Albert volunteered for the tank regiment as a way of getting out of the front line trenches.






Mr Clark, grandson of Albert

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City Hall, Bradford (02/02/2019)

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