Walter Harold Powell and John George Edwards “Jack”



Walter Harold Powell and John George Edwards “Jack”


The contributor's grandfathers


1 video (.mp4) 360p 48 mins (solo interview)
1 video (.mp4) 720p 4 mins (objects)
1 video (.mp4) 360p 62 mins (joint interview), my main contribution starts at 41 mins.
2 photos of some of the participants: during a cross-generational craft activity, AND Alun Edwards and Herr Dillen, in a break during the interview


In 2016 I was involved in a wonderfully inclusive Heritage Lottery Fund funded project run by the charity Age Exchange called “Meeting in No Man’s Land”. People from the UK went to Bavaria where they exchanged family histories from the First World War. The event was filmed and the film launched at the British Film Institute on 1 July 2016.

Here are the video interviews of Alun Edwards recorded by Ivan Riches (director) and David Savill (producer) of Age Exchange who have granted me permission to upload these. The finished film is available to watch:

In the video interviews I primarily talk about Walter Powell, my grandfather on my mother’s side, and his brothers Clifford Powell and Percy Powell. In the First World War Walter was a despatch rider for an anti-aircraft Battery in Belgium and France, serving in the Mechanised Army Service Corps. I also mention my grandfather on my Dad’s side, Jack Edwards.

The video about the objects includes photos of Walter as a Pierrot (he used to entertain the convalescing troops). It also includes footage of the diary written by Clifford Powell on his deathbed, dying from tuberculosis in 1922.

In one interview I am paired with a Herr R. Dillen from Rosenheim, whose Mother was a little girl during the First World War and kept a journal of her life from 12 years old. The interview is conducted in English/German with an interpreter, off camera.

The videos are compressed for sharing. I have hi-res versions if required.




Llandrindod Wells, Wales and Rosenheim, Bavaria


Alun Edwards

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