Pte John George Edwards "Jack"



Pte John George Edwards "Jack"


Pte John George Edwards "Jack," the contributor's grandfather on his dad's side.


* Medal record card
* Sweetheart brooch
* Charles Atlas Medal of Jack Edwards
* Photograph of Jack Edwards with younger sister Annie Edwards (he is wearing the uniform of the Herefords Regiment)
* Photographs of British and Victory Medals of JG Edwards, Lancs Fusiliers 24914.
* 2 Women’s Institute (WI) badges (1919? Not known who these belong to).


Jack Edwards joined up underage in around 1915 (aged about 17), although he was relatively short (about 5’3”). He joined the Herefordshire Regiment. His medal record card shows he transferred to the Lancashire Fusiliers, regimental number: 24914.

I remember he spoke about serving at Gallipoli and on the Western Front. I believe Jack was wounded during the war and returned to the army when he was fit. I only remember fragments of his stories. One included lying down in a field of pumpkins to escape gunfire, or it could have been that they raided the pumpkins for food.

I do not know the significance of the sweetheart brooch. It could have belonged to Jack’s younger sister Annie, whose husband Charlie Bennett also served in the army in the First World War. Or it could have been Jack’s. The brooch itself comprises three low denomination Belgian copper coins “1914”. Three stones are inset, one red, and two green. There is a five-pointed star in the middle. The reverse of the star shows a crown and an “A” at each point, possibly made from a 10 centime?




Llandrindod Wells, where Jack lived and where he returned after the War.


Alun Edwards

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