Ernest and Raymond Garstang (photograph; postcard)



Ernest and Raymond Garstang (photograph; postcard)


Ernest and Raymond Garstang


Photograph; postcard


1. Picture in a frame of brothers Ernest and Raymond Garstang.
They were the contributor’s mother’s cousins. They were born and brought up in Lancashire. Raymond was born in 1898 and was only 18 when he joined the fusiliers. Ernest joined his local regiment, and both of them survived the war.

2. Postcard sent by Ernest to his aunt and uncle after the war had ended.
The postcard was sent on 19th December 1918. The postcard had a stamp on it, saying it had been censored – even after the war they were still checking letters! He was staying on the continent to ‘clean up’ after the war. He wrote on the front of the postcard, showing where he stayed for three days after he was shot in Thuin, a municipality in Belgium. He wrote about corned beef!


1916-18; 19/12/1918


Thuin, Belgium


Norman Dawson

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