George Finlayson (photograph; postcards)



George Finlayson (photograph; postcards)


The story is about George Finlayson, my great step uncle.


Photograph; postcards


My name is Norma McGovern, maiden name Ward. My grandfather, Thomas Ward, received several postcards from his step grandson, George Finlayson, Royal Field Artillery No 45793 C/107th Brigade (photo of George attached) and is postmarked 11th November 1918 (the day the guns fell silent) and is marked with the Field Post Office stamp from the Western Front. The card reads "Dear Tom, Rather busy. Am quite well. Shall write you a letter soon. Cheer up, it will soon be over". He was also mentioned in a despatch and the certificate is signed by Winston Churchill. On the 1901 census George is listed as living at 48 Hilltown, Dundee, with his mother Elizabeth Finlayson and my great grandfather and great grandmother, Michael and Ann Ward. George's mother died when George was 6 yrs old.When my great grandparents passed away, it appears George then went to live with my grandparents at 71 Balgay Street, Lochee, to where the postcard was sent. George survived the war, married and had three children, several grandchildren and made a life for himself in Edinburgh. George passed away in Edinburgh in 1969.




The Western Front


Norma McGovern, great step niece of George Finlayson.

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