Will Church and Jim Smith



Will Church and Jim Smith


Will Church of Stevington, Beds. and his cousin Jim Smith.


340 One postcard photograph of (we think) Will Church, postmarked Devizes August 1909. Will is seated bottom left, to Ma (grandmother?) Mrs Smith in Holborn, London. The same photograph sent to nurse Annie Church, the same month but this time with a West Kensington postmark. Reference to a big fight, all nearly dead (drunk); One photograph of Will alone, addressed to Miss AM Church, Canonbury, but not sent.

341 Two postcards; one sent by Will Church to “Nan” Mrs. W G Ryan Smith in Holborn, dated July 1916. Will on the far right? One from Jim Smith(?) suggesting a rendezvous “at 12 noon Friday at H. Station” (undated). Subjects unidentified.

342 Miscellaneous photos: one boxing group at Taunton 54 Divisional (undated); one ceremonial horse; one dress uniform (undated), regiment unknown; one unidentified soldier alone, smoking, “with kindest regards” on back; one group of officers outside a tent; and one group of soldiers outside a break building beside an ornate balustrade. All undated.


Will was the brother of the contributor's grandmother (4 girls and him) sadly killed in the war, believed to have been in July 1916.






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