Identity Card for Rose Fisher



Identity Card for Rose Fisher


Rose Fisher


Identity Card of Rose Fisher


Rose Fisher was a very intelligent women, although couldn’t read or write. She lived with her parents in Bournemouth where they ran a guest house. Robert Fisher was a boarder and they fell in love and had one child, a son.They moved to London where they set up their own boarding house.

Prior to World War I, the husband went to South America to seek his fortune. During the journey to Argentina, and whilst on the ship, his partner stole all his money;
in Buenos Aires he set up a language school. He later set up a plantation in Brazil.

In 1914, Rose and the son joined him, but she found it very primitive and decided to go home again. The father wanted the son to stay with him, but she refused and as she was penniless the British Consulate paid for their steerage tickets to England. On the ship she came to the attention of the single men, and a family who had a suite took her under their protection and she acted as a servant to them.

The son then went to school in London and gained a scholarship to a grammar school, but when they found out that his father had German parents (although he was born in England himself), the scholarship was withdrawn. After the intervention of the Head Teacher (also the Vicar of the school), another scholarship was obtained.

Rose was considered an ‘enemy alien’ because of her husband, and she regularly had to attend the local police station to sign in during WWI.

Rose’s brother was a soldier during the war and survived. Rose later ran a sweetshop in Hackney.






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