Giovanni Ravalico, Trieste



Giovanni Ravalico, Trieste


Giovanni Ravalico (G.R.). His three
Armando RAVALICO (A.R.); Bruno RAVALICO (B.R.); Costante RAVALICO (C.R.). Giovanni FRAGIACOMO (G.F.) Giovanni Ravalico's brother-in-law ;
Giovanni VOUK (G.V.)


The collection is composed by 35 digital images and has been catalogued and
stocked in the Fototeca; the original positives remain in donor's hands.
The material depicts, over Giovanni Ravalico, his three brothers: Armando
(1894-1957), Bruno (1896-1933) and Costante (1888-?), all in the K.u.K. Army.
Giovanni Fragiacomo (1896-?) is G. Ravalico's brother-in-law.
The collection, recently acquired, is particularly interesting because increases
the Fototeca's heritage concerning witnesses of '14-'18 K.u.K Austria-Hungary Army.

Also recruiting papers of Giovanni Ravalico.
and the hand-written story of Giovanni Fragiacomo (G.F.) heading to Trieste from
Galizia (Austrian-Russian border) just before war's end.


Giovanni Ravalico, (Trieste 1891-1968), is a clerk at the Trieste Camera di
Commercio (Commerce Chamber ); on March 18th, 1915, starts his duty in the
Reserve Company “ K.u.K. Infanterie Regiment nr. 97th”, becoming Gefreiter
(Lance-Corporal ) on following September.
He is transferred to military Food Stores of Graz on October 20th, 1915;
from September 21st, 1917 he's in Lubiana, his rank being Korporal (in Italian: Caporale
Finally, Giovanni Vouk is great-uncle to Silvano Ravalico by his mother side.
It's important to note that the 97th Rgt. of K.u.K. Army was formed almost totally by men
living in Trieste, Istria and Dalmazia. So the Austrian HQ, unsure on their loyalty, sent
the 97th to Galizia (Austrian-Russian border), as seen in one of the pictures.
All the men were born in Trieste and all survived the war.


18/3/1915 - 1920


Silvano Ravalico

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