David Isaac Griffiths: memorial card and letters



David Isaac Griffiths: memorial card and letters


David Isaac Griffiths


Eight letters written by David Isaac Griffiths from France to his cousin Batchie Griffiths – memorial card in Welsh and English – photo – two pages from war diaries describing the action in which David was killed – newspaper account of the news of his death.


Letters written by David Isaac Griffiths to his cousin Batchie Griffiths, of Llandovery, between November 1916 and April 1917. The last letter, written on Good Friday (6 April 1917) includes the sentence “I am staying today in what might be called a prehistoric home”, perhaps referring to the tunnels used in the preparations for the Battle of Arras. This letter is postmarked 9 April, the first day of the First Battle of the Scarpe: David was killed the following day.

There are no letters dated January or February 1917: he seems to have been in hospital for all or part of this time.

Note: David was known in my family as David Goleugoed, from the name of his parent's farm.


November 1916 - April 1917


Northern France: Arras


Alathea Anderssohn

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