Harry Lock



Harry Lock


Harry Lock


Two pocket diaries for the years 1918 and 1919, both filled with manuscript entries relating to the progress of the war. The 1919 diary is a “soldier's" diary with full-colour pictures of medal ribbons on the front endpapers.

There was also a small (approx. 3cm x 3cm) sheet of food ration tickets printed with descriptions of food items which appear to have been clipped from a larger sheet or book. Joan had no information about the provenance of this item. It was unlike typical WW2 ration book coupons and is likely to have been from WW1.


There are two small pocket diaries dated 1918 and 1919, which belonged to Joan’s father Harry Lock. Joan was unclear whether her father served in the Armed Forces during WW1. She seemed to think he was too young , but she mentioned the Honourable Artillery Company and a service number 626811 . It was not possible to check during the discussion whether Harry served but it is probable that he did so.
The diaries were filled with manuscript entries in a very small hand and were notes regarding the progress of the War. Joan believed that her father had made the entries after listening to news of the progress of the war on the radio, but a search suggested that there was no domestic radio service in the UK until the mid 1920’s and it was likely that the notes were taken from newspaper articles. Joan was advised of this.






Joan Anderson

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Gosport Roadshow, 13/2/2019

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