The Bowman Family of Corbridge, Northumberland



The Bowman Family of Corbridge, Northumberland


Frederick and Charles Bowman


984 “Death Penny” commemoration of Charles Bowman, eldest son of three. Originally stayed at home to look after the farm but subsequently went to the front.
985 “Death Penny” of Frederick Bowman.
987 pencil in bullet case.
988 War graves information relating to C. Bowman.
989 War graves information relating to F. Bowman.
990 Letters from the trenches from Charles and Frederick, including one from a matron of a hospital.
991 identity tag of F. Bowman.
992 Medals including Military Medal and cap badge.
993 Photographs including 1) group of soldiers; 2) unidentified man; 3) farmers standing in a horse drawn cart (The Bowman brothers?); 4) The 3 brothers; 5) “The Lion Tamer”;
994 Photographs 1) James Bowman, younger brother. Did not go to war. With mother Margaret Bowman at the back; 2) Studio photo of Charles Bowman;
995 1) Army communication of death of Frederick Bowman dated 14/1/18; 2) notification of place of burial (Tynecot?)
996 Card from Princess Mary’s gift tin 1915
997 In loving memory card for Pte. Frederick Bowman N. Fu. 13/1/18 age 24.
998 Embroidered postcards: 1) Happy Christmas 1915 from Charles Bowman. 2) 1915


Photographs and material relating to the Bowman family, farmers in Corbridge, Northumberland, whose sons Frederick and Charles went to the front with the Northumberland Fusiliers. Both were killed. Charles was awarded the Military Medal.






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