Dobson brothers



Dobson brothers


Fred and James Dobson


Shell fuse/trench art, photos, German figurine, Edith Cavell image on cloth.


Fred Dobson was born in 1882 and enlisted in 1915. He served in the 6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. He fought at the Somme. He survived the war.

James (Jim) Dobson was born in 1894. He volunteered with his brother and was in 8th Battalion KOYLI. On 8th July he was at La Bosille and was injured while waiting ‘to go over the top’. Jim acted as a runner to Lt Nelson. He was shot in the legs at the point of getting near to the German trench. He was treated at the dressing station Crucifix Corner. By 1917 he had recovered and was playing football for West Yorkshire Regiment.

The postcard on cloth depicts the words of Edith Cavell – not sure why it was in the possession of the family.

The photo shows 3 generations of the Dobson family: Fred Sr on the right; His nephew Fred Jnr in the sea cadet uniform. The 2 photos show Fred Jnr in army uniform.

The figurine was (looted?) brought back from Germany whilst part of army of occupation.






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