Fred Sagar and his gift from Princess Mary



Fred Sagar and his gift from Princess Mary


Fred Sagar, Royal Navy Sick Berth attendant.


The object is a tin box approx. 10cm by 6cm by 3cm embossed with the Royal Coat of Arms and coated in brass or of brass appearance. The contents are complete and in original condition. They consist of a pack of tobacco, a pack of cigarettes and a card with a picture of Princess Mary. The box also contains a folded, apparently mint 100,000 Reichmarks banknote thought to have been issued in Germany sometime in the 1920s during the period of rapidly rising inflation. There is no evidence as to why the banknote has been kept in the box, and it is clearly unrelated to it.


The box and contents were passed down to Richard from his grandfather, Fred Sagar. Fred was a Royal Navy Sick Berth attendant who specialised in treating shell shock. His responsibility was to travel to various locations in France/Flanders, meet the shellshock casualty, escort him back to England and deliver him to the nominated hospital for treatment. Fred was based at HMS Pembroke, a shore-based establishment at Chatham.




France/Flanders and various hospitals in England


Richard Rattle

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Gosport Road Show 13/2/2019

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