George Bourne (medals; postcards; Christmas cards)



George Bourne (medals; postcards; Christmas cards)


George Bourne


Three hand-decorated Christmas cards, made by George. Two medals complete with ribbons. Two photo-postcards, one with writing on the back.


Julie brought in 3 handmade Christmas cards, probably sent home from the trenches in France.

The first is from Christmas 1916 from her grandfather, George Bourne, to his wife, Ethel Kate (called Kit), and baby son – also George, born in October 1915.

Poignantly, the card is to “my dear wife and baby” indicating that George may not have even seen the baby or known his name.

Another card is dated Christmas 1917 and is to the son, Georgie.

The third is to George’s wife, but does not have a year on it.

All cards are beautifully decorated – probably hand painted.

There is also a wedding photo for George and Kit – dating from before 1914.

Julie also brought in 2 medals and 2 ribbons, which were awarded to George. Both are in a box with his service details. It is thought that they are general service medals.

Finally, there are 2 photos. One is of 3 soldiers by tents. On the right is Julie’s grandfather. The date on the back is 31 May 1916, although there may be a December date handwritten onto it. There is a handwritten personal message to his wife and baby on the back, hoping that he will be home soon.

The second shows a group of men in uniform. Julie thinks her grandfather is in the middle, but she has no further information on this photo.

George survived the war and died in about 1967.




Probably France


Julie Coughlan

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